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Sunrise over the River Tees in the Park
Preston Park 

(Preston Hall Museum & Park) 

Situated in the heart of the Tees Valley, "Preston Hall Museum & Park" is a 100 acre green frame for its centre piece "Preston Hall Museum ". From its inception as a Georgian gentleman’s residence in 1825, it was steadily developed into a Victorian Industrialist's Estate, which its still illustrates today. From end to end it offers a wealth of experiences and opportunities for the entertainment, education, relaxation and well being of its visitors. 

Discover history through the Museum and its Victorian street, with a broad range of displays and interactive features. Treasures abound from art through weaponry to local history from the Anglo Saxons and Vikings through to our Modern Industrial heritage. Be a part of life in the street from the shops and displays up to courses with craftsman like the working Blacksmith.

History isn’t confined to the museum but extends into the outdoors with the wealth of wildlife and green space, historic quarries and the site of the world's First Passenger Railway, to the restored working Victorian Walled GardenNatural history extends on into the "Tees Heritage Park"

Children are central to the park and opportunities for Play and the well being engendered by outdoor activities is at the core of the Park. Facilities extend from fantastic playground equipment through to space for families to kick a ball or fling a Frisbee. Visitor attractions extend from the Café through Butterfly World to Mini Golf and the ride on Mini Railway.

Lying along the sweep of the River Tees the park has an abundant variety of natural features both on and off the river. One can stroll or run round the paths developed to meet the needs of all parts of the population, whether to exercise your dog, or just enjoy the beauty of the Park and River; Preston Park offers an easy way to ease the pressures of modern life. For those wanting more air and exercise and the outdoor life, the opportunity exists to take on an " allotment"or work as a volunteer in the Walled Garden

In an addition to this wealth of permanent attractions there are a steady stream of events in the park and museum from major shows to open air plays, re-enactments of Victorian life to exhibitions and a wide variety of courses and educational opportunities.

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